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A - часть 3

or on a small box while the mouse is over the anchor.

(ed. I am unaware of any browser that has implemented this


METHODS is little used or supported, but is expected to be

a white-space-separated list of HTTP METHODS supported by the

object and accessible to the user.

RFC 1866 suggests that the content of the A element may be

rendered differently depending upon the HTTP method.

TARGET is a Netscape 2.0 extension to define a window name for use

by the retrieved hyperlink. If the named window is not already

open, Netscape 2.0 will open a new window and assign it that name.

See also the element for naming a window.

SHAPE is proposed to provide a mechanism to define

multiple A elements and corresponding "hotzones" within the

proposed element, to perform the equivalent function

of ISMAP without the need for writing a responding cgi-bin program.

For an alternate proposal, see the element.

A is a Level 0 element.

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