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The AREA element

specifies a single area of an image which, if selected, will

link to the hyperlink identified by HREF.

If multiple AREA elements in the

same MAP define overlapping areas, the first encountered takes precedence.

Minimum Attributes


All Possible Attributes






Elements Allowed Within...

AREA has no end tag and therefore has no content.

Allowed In Content Of...


The AREA element is part of a proposed enhancement to

provide client-side image maps.

COORDS describes the position of

an area (in pixels) of the image in comma-separated x,y coordinates

where the upper-left corner is "0,0".

For SHAPE=rect (the default), it is "left,top,right,bottom".

For SHAPE=circle, it is "center_x,center_y,radius".

For SHAPE=polygon, it is successive x,y vertices of the polygon.

If the first and last coordinates are not the same, then a segment

is inferred to close the polygon. The NOHREF indicates that this

region should generate no links.

The ALT attribute specifies optional parsed character data to describe the area which

could be displayed by a text-only browser as a substitute for the image.

AREA is an extension in Netscape 2.0,

but the only SHAPE recognized is "rect", and ALT is not defined.

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