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The BDO element is a directional override feature needed to deal

with unusual pieces of text in which directionality cannot be

resolved from context in an unambiguous fashion.

It requires the DIR attribute.

The meaning of DIR is different on BDO than on inline text markup elements.

For BDO the DIR attribute

is a bidi override, forcing the directionnality of even those

characters that have strong directionnality. On inline elements,

DIR indicates a new directional embedding level, affecting mostly the

neutrals and the overall layout.

Minimum Attributes

<BDO DIR=ltr|rtl>characters... </BDO>

All Possible Attributes


DIR=ltr|rtl LANG="...">characters...


Elements Allowed Within...

members of group

Allowed In Content Of...

Any element that permits members of group


The BDO element is a proposed element as part of the enhancement

to deal with internationalization of HTML.

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