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All contents within the CENTER element is to be

centered between the current left and right margin.

Minimum Attributes

<CENTER>characters... </CENTER>

All Possible Attributes

<CENTER>characters... </CENTER>

Elements Allowed Within...

-In progress, to be determined-

Allowed In Content Of...

-In progress, to be determined-


The CENTER element is a Netscape 1.1 extension.

It was provided as an alternative to the HTML+ and Version 3

ALIGN="center" proposed new attribute for all the

text block elements such as the

<P> paragraph and

<H?> header elements and the new

<DIV> element.

Both RFC 1866 and the current Version 3 specification

only include the ALIGN attribute, not the CENTER element,

and Netscape 2.0 has added the ALIGN="center" attribute.

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